A Real-World, Knee Jerk Reaction to Adobe XD

Today was my first solid day using Adobe XD CC. I'll admit, when I first checked it out and watched the intro video, I was skeptical. The video dedicated a big chunk of time showing how this software can use and merge simple shapes like ellipses and squares to create map pins...Seriously? Oh, and you can color said shapes with a box of colored pencils.

Kind of insulting, Adobe. I get you're trying to make it easy for someone who doesn't memorize hex values, and would rather pick a green pencil than spec #81b636...but I fired it up and gave it a shot.

Work samples and further reviews to follow, but with about a 10-minute learning curve, I crushed about 4 days of work in an afternoon...oh, and was able to present it in a browser, in a conference room, share the link (that I could panic and update at any time).

I do have a whole lot of suggestions, and would love to see aspects of Muse merged with XD (think:widgets). But so far, really happy about this. Redefines "rapid" in prototyping.

I'll see if I can pull together a proper review, but in the meantime, a pretty great tool for ideation and communicating UX ideas to stakeholders before lunch.