Case Study Design

Case Study Design
The re-designed case study showing Konica-Minolta logo and colors.

Sepialine is a very sales-led company that partners with large hardware manufacturers like Konica-Minolta on a regular basis. As such, there was a need to design some traditional sales tools – like case studies.

Case studies are one of those very undefined projects. Some case studies are slightly less than a paragraph, while others are full-on deep dives that can be small books.

The Challenge

The design challenge before me was to develop a template for a case study that was long enough to make our marketing points, but short enough that people would actually read. It needed to be able to be distributed in print, digital, and on our website. It needed to be flexible enough that it could quickly be customized with a new logo and new colors to represent different branding. It needed to be printable as we found many people wanted to print their own and pass it around. And finally, these generally need to be designed and distributed within an aggressive 24-hour window.

An example of an older print case study

The Solution

I created a very flexible layout that would use client images they were already using in their own marketing materials and used a fair amount of neutral grey that would work with any color palette you choose to throw at it. The header directly tied into Sepialine's own branding (and element we use frequently), but made it large enough to accommodate logos that may not be quite as horizontally inclined as ours. I build the print and digital templates that shared an asset library and developed a workflow specifically for generating "emergency" case studies to be ready for last-minute meetings or in-progress trade shows.

A web version of the revised case study