Quantum Experience


Application approved. I'm in. And have soooo much to learn. Not exactly my own VM, but a UI to create experiments with, and a limited number (75ish) of simulations I can run. I'll take it.


I'm not quite sure how I got on this list, but IBM (really?) invited me to participate in the IBM Quantum Experience.

For those of you who have had a few drinks with me, you'll know I'm obsessed with Quantum Computing and have all sorts of crazy ideas about how it will be a massive game changer for Creatives. So I'm pretty excited to get the invite.

It appears that I will get a VM, cloud-based Quantum Computer to play with.

I'm kinda geeking out. IBM...We haven't been the best of friends over the years, but I promise, I'll use this VM for the powers of good and demonstrate how Quantum Computing can enhance creative concepting, and make software based AI a staple for designers.