Semantic Versioning for Web Sites

Now. Before any of you get all upset about best practices and industry standards...let me just say, I've listened, and I'm going to contribute the following for consideration:

I spend a lot of time in Adobe Muse. I can spin off a functional prototype in less time than it would take me to email you about how quickly I can use Muse to spin off a functional prototype. It's a pretty awesome tool.

What's more, I can (sort of) collaborate with this tool. And when I say collaborate, I mean share files and have a viable, browser-based CMS for stakeholders.

But. Adobe doesn't version. Well...actually, they kind of do in CC, but as of the time of this posting, it's based on last saved date. Not entirely helpful.

Including myself, I have 2 others who are responsible for updates on a site. When we make updates, we save files based on a nomenclature borrowed from Semantic Versioning, and came up with the following:


DESIGN: A major design change that is not reversible...For example, there was a major branding change. A completely new architecture, or a complete re-design of the home page.

PAGE: A new page (along with possible child pages) was added to the site.

UPDATE: There was a content update to an existing page.

I'll keep you posted, but so far it's working quite well in a team environment.