So I'm Going to Build My Own Router

So I'm going to try to build my own router. Here's why:

  • It's a design challenge;
  • It's a coding challenge;
  • It's an excuse to tinker;
  • It's an excuse to learn;
  • It's an experiment in browsing privacy;
  • I'll probably actually use this router if I can pull it off.

Here's the big idea:

A Linux-based router that I can plug in anywhere, and add secure internet browsing. Once built, any WiFi device connected has a passive VPN connection. Should the VPN disconnect, so does the connection to the Internet.

Planning on using open-source software, and may or may not integrate TOR.

The last of my parts for this project should be arriving Friday night...Anticipating I'll be needing heatsinks, so installed those tonight.


Well, I got the router working but it was frustratingly slow. Not sure if that was a hardware issue, a software issue or a Joel issue.


Router scrapped. Happy I got it to work, learned a thing or two...

but now using the Pi to play Minecraft.