Joel Goldfoot.

I am committed to fostering team growth, leading design initiatives and strategic planning, championing UCD and design thinking, and quantifying the quality of our user's experiences. I thrive on innovation and refining established UX frameworks by strategically integrating UX AI.

"I do these things not because they are easy, but because I thought they were going to be easy."

As a Sr. Director of Product Design with nearly 30 years of experience—15 of which have been focused on the SaaS Enterprise space—I currently lead a global design team at Conviva, a Silicon Valley-based real-time observability platform that ingests over 500 billion events daily and processes over 1 trillion data points in real-time. My expertise lies in team building and Design Leadership, UX, UCD, Design Thinking, and continuous discovery workflows, with a deep passion for challenging traditional UX paradigms with AI.

Throughout my career, I've honed my skills in developing data-driven workflows, creating design systems and integrating customized workflows for design teams, resulting in more efficient product development. My understanding of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence enables me to drive design innovation and create personalized experiences through AI that the world of SaaS is only starting to explore.

As a trusted partner to startup stakeholders, I've consulted on various topics, including strategy, product road maps, UX, Visual Design, Research, Branding, and team management. My track record showcases globally recognized work and managing complex SaaS products that harness the power of AI and Big Data.


I'm proud to have well over 100 design awards under my belt spanning the past 30 years, and can even say I was on the cover of HOW Magazine way back when I thought goatees were cool.

Featured on the Cover of HOW Magazine's 2004 Business Annual

I currently serve on the Advisory Board for Design Thinking at the University of California, and I am also serving on the Advisory Board Member for Lexus. This year, I'm honored to have a paper I co-authored, "SEAM-EZ: Simplifying Stateful Analytics through Visual Programming," accepted for presentation and publication at the esteemed CHI 2024 conference.

I live in San Francisco with my beautiful wife and our snarky little Poohuahua. We love the crazy city life, drag, food, and friends.

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