Stability AI Unveils Stable Doodle: A Revolutionary Sketch-to-Image Conversion Tool

Stability AI introduces Stable Doodle, a tool that turns sketches into high-quality images using advanced AI. Accessible via ClipDrop, it's designed for professionals and novices, offering precise control over image generation and boosting efficiency in design work.

Stable Doodle
Image Credits: Stability AI

Stability AI, the company known for its image-creating model Stable Diffusion, has introduced a new feature that transforms sketches into images. This sketch-to-image service, Stable Doodle, uses the latest Stable Diffusion model to interpret a sketch's outline and produce an aesthetically appealing artistic version. The service is now accessible via ClipDrop, a platform that Stability AI acquired in March from Init ML, an AI startup established by former Google employees.

Stable Doodle is designed to cater to both professionals and beginners, irrespective of their experience with AI tools. According to Stability AI, anyone with basic drawing abilities and internet access can create high-quality original images using Stable Doodle in a matter of seconds.

While numerous sketch-to-image AI tools are available, including open-source projects and apps supported by ads, Stable Doodle stands out by offering more precise control over the image generation process. The service is powered by a Stable Diffusion model, Stable Diffusion XL, in combination with a "conditional control solution" developed by Tencent's R&D division, the Applied Research Center (ARC). This control solution, named T2I-Adapter, enables Stable Diffusion XL to accept sketches as input and guides the model to improve the fine-tuning of the output artwork.

Stable Doodle
Image Credits: Stability AI

Stable Doodle can interpret sketch outlines and generate images based on prompts combined with the outlines defined by the model. In addition to a sketch, Stable Doodle takes a prompt to guide the image generation process, such as "A comfy chair, 'isometric' style" or "Cat with a jeans jacket, 'digital art' style." However, the customization has some limitations - at launch, Stable Doodle only supports 14 art styles.

Stability AI sees Stable Doodle as a tool that can help designers, illustrators, and other professionals save time and increase efficiency in their work. However, the company warns that the quality of the output images depends on the detail of the initial sketch, the descriptiveness of the prompt, and the complexity of the scene being depicted.

Stability AI suggests that ideas drawn as sketches can be instantly converted into designs for clients, materials for presentation decks and websites, or even logos. In the future, Stability Doodle plans to allow users to import a sketch and will include use cases for specific industries, such as real estate.

Stability AI is seeking new revenue streams with tools like Stable Doodle, following a slowdown in its commercial activities. Although Stable Doodle is free, it does have certain restrictions. In April, it was reported that Stability AI was rapidly depleting its cash reserves, leading to a search for executives to boost sales.

Stability AI raised $25 million in the previous month through a convertible note, bringing its total funding to over $125 million. However, it has not secured new funding at a higher valuation. The startup was last valued at $1 billion, and it is reported that Stability is aiming to quadruple this valuation in the coming months.

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